One Day at a Time

My battle against schizoaffective disorder is a daily one. It’s a mental disease that wants me drinking, being useless, and homeless… if not worse.

At one point in my life, about 9 years ago, the disease won. It grabbed me and pulled me into what seemed to be a never ending spiral downward. Fortunately, I bounced back. Bouncing back didn’t happen overnight… it took time to recover from the diseases effects. I live with a daily struggle against a disease that wants me dead.

For me, not drinking is the key. As long as I can resist the urge to drink, and remain on my medication, I believe that I will be ok. Some days dealing with this disease is harder then others. It can get very tiring struggling through the day, the night… sometimes only finding peace when I am asleep.

Today was a good day because I didn’t give in to the disease. I might be tired from today’s battle, but am determined to eventually win this war.

One day at a time. Keep it simple. Live and let live.

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