Just drinking Coffee

I am in a pretty good mood right now and I am making coffee in an attempt to stay awake for an additional hour or two.

Downside to the medication that I am on is the side effect of drowsiness. I usually sleep 12 hours a night. It’s a small price to pay in order to be able to fight back the main ill-effects of schizoaffective disorder.

I’ve been off for a week and am feeling relaxed, but I know a great deal of work awaits me when I get back. Not only labwork will need to get done… I have a review which I am supposed to start writing as well as the writing that will be required for my qualifying exam due in December.

I spent the day visiting relatives, doing some laundry, and updating my curriculum vitae. Overall, it was a relaxing day for me.

I am trying to maintain balance. It can be tough especially with the continual fight I must make against myself and this mental disorder. All I know, is that drinking is not an option. Not even once. I would potentially lose everything that I have accomplished over the past several years.

A stronger me. A more stable self. A sober scientist. A self aware scholar.

My postings will continue, good mood or bad. Writing helps. Having other people read what I write, helps. Now that I have this blog site going, it should help with my daily battle against alcoholism and schizoaffective disorder.

But, so far, I have just scratched the surface with these posts. Some topics have remained off limits… especially topics pertaining to the time period in which I was homeless. Another realm that I am going to breach is relationships. Old and new. What was and what will be.

In time, I know I will find what I am looking for… that form of fellowship that you crave.

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