One Day at a Time Works…

It’s a constant battle dealing with schizoaffective disorder. Fortunately, it seems that I am winning that battle… each and every day that I don’t drink or somehow give into the disease.

This past summer, I thought my graduate school career was going to end because of this research qualifier that I have to write. How would I be able to create an original research topic and then defend it in front of faculty? I thought doing so would be beyond my scope.

Here I am in the beginning of November with a topic decided upon, and I am getting ready to defend it and write it up into a 6 page proposal. It will be synthesis based, but with a pharmacological application towards Alzheimer’s disease.

I would have never thought I would be able to reach this point, but here I am. And the only way I am accomplishing this, is by taking things one day at a time… baby steps moving forward. By doing this, it appears I can accomplish what I put my mind towards.

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