One step at a time…

Everything has been going great lately. Despite the amount of work that I am under, I am feeling good and getting everything done that I need to.
My qualifier project should be done on Monday, save for any edits/changes. This project will also end up being something that I utilize to look for faculty positions, when I get to that point. Hopefully.
I have never felt entirely confident regarding my science. But since this qualifier had me develop an original idea into a thought-out 15 page proposal, my confidence level has become stronger. Never in a million years did I think that assembling this project would have been possible just 6 months ago.
But here I am with the project nearly completed and it will be ready to turn in before it is due on Dec. 8th.
Between having schizoaffective disorder, and my anxiety disorders, I thought that this project was going to be the end of my science career. But, I’ve been able to handle everything thrown at me, including all my classes.
It has not been easy returning to school, but at least now, I know that accomplishing a second Ph.D. is at least a feasible for me to do. Having to explain why I had to go back to school for a second Ph.D., maybe not so much.
I am very open about having this mental illness. Hopefully it will not be held/used against me in a future job/faculty search.

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