Desiring more time…

I wish I was more of a force in the recovery community. It seems that I can either work and go to school OR do recovery activities. But not both.
I just don’t have the time that I would like, the energy I that I need, or even the mental stamina anymore. Plus the fact that I sleep 12+ hours a day, despite my best efforts to try and break that sleep cycle.
My personal recovery is a full time job. It’s just not a matter of abstaining from alcohol, but it is also a matter of maintaining my mental and spiritual health. Keeping my general health in check makes it easy to avoid alcohol, or craving it. The daily obsession surrounding alcohol has been lifted from me, thankfully. There are people who spend years upon years in Alcoholics Anonymous trying to achieve what I have – the release from the alcohol and the drug obsession.
I would like to try and find a balance somehow. Sure I can post about my experiences here and on my blog, but I want to be able to do more.
I have a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. I’ve been employed as a biochemist at Harvard. I’ve been long-term homeless. I’ve been sober, slipped up, and became sober again. Thankfully, God willing, I’ll have eight years of sobriety this September.
I’ve been diagnosed with a disabling mental illness, schizoaffective disorder. I was on medication… went off the medication, then finally accepted the schizoaffective diagnosis and went back on the medication.
I have a story to tell, strength to be shared, and recovery to spread. It is possible to recover from even the direst of financial, mental, medical, and societal obstacles. I’m living proof. People in and out of the recovery community should know there is hope. There is a future, no matter how bad your personal circumstances are, or have been.

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