Some changes…

So, in addition to the walking that I am doing… I decided to change some components of my diet.
Mainly to include more vegetables/salads and fish. I have been eating way too much processed food, which can be an easy trap to fall into being single and living by myself.
My mood has been incredibly good the past few weeks. Primarily, and probably, due to passing my qualifier/oral exam. Schizoaffective symptoms can develop when I am under too much stress and pressure… and I have been dealing with non-stop stress and pressure since I started working on my qualifier last September.
While I am in good spirits and have ‘down time’, I am going to continue to walk a few days a week as well as make changes to my diet. Hopefully, they will become lasting changes, even when I enter times of stress or get too busy.
All these changes should be for the better. I credit my continued success on not drinking alcohol, and taking my medication. While I am always, in some form, fighting this disorder… not drinking, taking medication, and remaining sober is a surefire winning strategy.

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